The 7 best Lego© Duplo Farms

🗓 Sat, 17 Sep 2022

Play is an important activity for children, where they can live out their creativity and learn at the same time. The popular Lego® Duplo® is perfect for this. Because with the colorful bricks, the little ones can build to their hearts' content and play imaginatively. In this blog I present 7 great Lego Duplo farms, which will certainly bring your children much joy.

Recommended Lego© Duplo® Farms for children

Lego© Duplo® Farm 10505

This farm is the perfect place for children to play with their Lego® Duplo® figures. It has everything a real farm has, including a cow, horse, farmhouse and even a tractor. Everything is very colorful and comes with easy to follow instructions.

Lego© Duplo® Farm 10518

This Lego Duplo® farm® is larger and more detailed than the previous one. He also has more animals, including cows, pigs, chickens and cats. Children will also love the various buildings that can be found on the farm, including a farmhouse, barn and even a windmill.

Lego© Duplo® Farm 10837

This farm is particularly suitable for smaller children, because it contains only a few parts. However, there is still enough to do and discover, including a farmhouse, a cow, a horse and various crops. The instructions are also very easy to understand and the parts are all colorful and sturdy.

Lego© Duplo® Farm 10807

This smaller farm is ideal for on the go or for small rooms. He still has everything that children find interesting in a real farm, including cows, chickens, pigs and horses. Again, the parts are all colorful and sturdy.

Lego© Duplo® My First Farm 10617

This Lego® Duplo® farm is specially designed for the very young. It is very colorful and has only a few parts, so it can be easily assembled even by the very youngest children. There are cows, chickens and pigs and various buildings such as the farmhouse and barn.

Lego© Duplo® Big Farm 10525

This large farm from Lego Duplo is ideal for older children or for children who already have a little more experience with assembling Lego bricks. He has many different animals and buildings, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens and the farmhouse and barn. Again, all the parts are colorful and sturdy.

Lego® Duplo® My First Farm 10808

This compact farm from Lego® Duplo® is ideal for traveling or for small rooms. Here too there are cows, chickens and the farmhouse and barn in miniature form. The parts are all colorful and sturdy and the instructions are designed to be very understandable.

What makes a good Lego© Duplo Farm?

There are many different Lego® Duplo® farms, but not all are equally good. A good farm should have some important features. First of all, the farm should have a good size. Many of the smaller models are too small and the larger models can be too expensive. So, the ideal farm should have a moderate size and still provide enough details for children to play it for a long time.

Secondly, it is important that the farm looks and functions realistically. There are many farms that only consist of a barn and a main house. However, this is not very realistic and children quickly get bored with it. A good farm should contain several buildings such as a barn, a main house, stables for animals and silos for grain. Third, of course, the farm must contain animals! Many farms have pigs or cows, but there are also some with horses or sheep. Which animals are included is ultimately a matter of taste, but the more the better! Fourth, the farm should have accessories to make it look even more realistic. This includes, for example, fruit trees or bushes and vegetable beds. Fifth, it's nice if scent bags with the scent of fresh hay or animal stables are integrated into the Lego Duplo farm. So it always smells good in the child's room ;)

Which Lego© Duplo® Farms are most popular with children?

Lego® Duplo® farms are very popular with children. Most children like the farms because they can play with them. Lego Duplo farms are also very popular because they are very easy to build.

Most kids love to play with their Lego Duplo farms. They can run around with them, feed animals and work in the field. Many kids also like to experiment with the farms and figure out how they work.

Lego Duplo farms are usually very easy to build. However, there are some farms that are a little more complicated to build. However, if you follow a few instructions, you should be able to build these farms without any problems.

If you are looking for a Lego Duplo farm that is popular and easy to build, you should check out the Lego Duplo My First Farmhouse. This farm is very easy to build and is also very popular with kids. It also has some nice features like a well and a barn for animals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lego© Duplo® Farms

Where can I buy a Lego© Duplo® farm?

Lego© Duplo® farms can be purchased at various toy stores and online.

What age is suitable for a Lego© Duplo® farm?

Lego© Duplo® farms are suitable for children from 2 years.

How much does a Lego© Duplo farm cost?

A Lego© Duplo® farm usually costs between 40 and 60 euros.

Lego Duplo© Farm: What do I have to look out for?

Most children love Lego© Duplo® farms. However, they are not all the same and there are some things to look for when buying. Here are the 10 most important points:

  1. The size: Most Lego Duplo farms are designed for children aged 2-5 years. So make sure that the farm set is not too big or too small for your child.
  2. Age: Make sure the age of the farm set matches the age of your child. Some sets are designed for older children, while others are suitable for younger children.
  3. The functions: Pay attention to what functions the farm set offers. Some sets have more functions than others and some are interactive as well. So pay attention to what features your child might find interesting.
  4. The price: Lego Duplo farms can be very expensive. So make sure you find a set that fits your budget. However, there are also many cheaper alternatives that are just as good as the more expensive sets.
  5. The quality: when buying a Lego Duplo farm, make sure that the quality is good. Many cheaper sets are often of poorer quality and break easily. So pay attention to the quality of the components and design before you buy a set.
  6. The brand: there are many different brands of Lego Duplo farms. So pay attention to which brand you want to buy. Some brands are better than others and also have better designs and features.
  7. Construction: Before you buy a Lego Duplo farm set, you should check the construction of the set. Some sets are more difficult to build than others and require more patience and skill. So pay attention to how difficult the set is to build before you buy it.
  8. The instructions: before you buy a LEGO Duplo farm set, look at the instructions and make sure you can understand them. Many sets have very detailed instructions, but there are also some sets that do not have instructions or their instructions are very simple. So pay attention to what kind of instructions the set has before you buy it.
  9. The extras: before you buy a LEGO Duplo farm set, you should check if it contains extras. Many sets include extra parts like animals or vehicles that your child can use while playing. So pay attention to what extras the set contains and decide if they will be useful for your child or not.

Conclusion - The best Lego© Duplo® Farm for your child

The best Lego® Duplo® farm is the one that is the most fun and creative playground for your child. For this, it's best to take your time and compare different options before choosing one. Also, make sure the farm is sturdy and durable - after all, your child will want to use it often!

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