Lego® Duplo Price Comparison

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Discover the world with Lego® Duplo! The Lego Duplo themed world offers toddlers from 18 months the perfect opportunity to develop their fine motor skills in a playful way: And with lots of fun! The colourful Duplo bricks can be used to conjure up true masterpieces. Besides buildings like a café, a fire station or a police station, there are also cars, trains and lots of animals to discover. Buy your Lego Duplo set at the best price with Brickfact price comparison!
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The Lego® Duplo theme is diverse and specially adapted to the needs of young children. The individual Lego Duplo sets can be excellently combined with each other. Children can design their own creative play world according to their own ideas. In addition, Lego Duplo sets include minifigures and animals with which the built masterpieces can be brought to life. The "bathtub fun" sets from Lego Duplo are a special highlight. Whether in the bathtub or in the paddling pool, the "Bathtub Fun" are play sets that are specially adapted to the environment of the cool wet. 

Whether small or large Lego Duplo sets: Joy is pre-programmed! With the Lego Duplo theme world, toddlers can build, discover and explore. The smallest sets already start at less than 10€. The Brickfact price comparison will help you find the right Lego Duplo set. With the filter options, you can easily filter for sets that match your budget. At Brickfact you have a huge selection of suppliers to choose from and you're guaranteed to buy your Lego Duplo set at the best price!

Lego® Duplo Buildings

A game world without suitable buildings? Unimaginable! In the Lego Duplo world, diversity is writ large, the selection of sets is huge and covers all the interests of the little builders. 

The Lego DUPLO 10970 Fire Station with Helicopter is perfectly tailored for our little heroes. With it, they can experience exciting stories and perform true heroic deeds. In the Brickfact price comparison, you can buy the fire station with discounts of 30% and more at best prices around 65€.

Lego® DUPLO 10970 Fire Station & Helicopter

Your own farm? With Lego Duplo and the set 10952 barn, tractor, animal care this is possible! This set combines buildings, vehicles and animals and creates an exciting play world. On offer, it is available at a bargain price of under €50.

Lego® DUPLO 10952 Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care

Lego® Duplo Animals

Besides the farm, there are many other sets that contain animals. With the Lego® Duplo animals, children discover the diversity of our earth and make acquaintances with both native and exotic species. Smaller animal sets are already available for less than 10€. In the special offer you can buy them even cheaper. Use the Brickfact price comparison filter to find the Lego Duplo set that fits your budget and buy it at the best price.

Lego® Duplo Vehicles

On land, on water and in the air - in the Lego® Duplo world, children and their minifigures are on the move in many ways. No matter whether it's the tractor on the farm or the helicopter at the police station: There are adventures to be had everywhere. 

The Lego DUPLO 10875 Cargo Train combines air and water and promises exciting play adventures. The goods train operates in a harbour area, where you can even discover a real captain. The Brickfact price comparison has a whole list of suppliers, so you can find the Lego DUPLO 10875 Cargo Train at a bargain price.

Lego® DUPLO 10875 Cargo Train

The Brickfact app informs you about the latest Lego Duplo offers. If you want, you can even receive a push notification so you never miss a deal again!

Lego® Duplo Offers

Playing fun is guaranteed in the Lego® Duplo theme! The little master builders discover new animals, experience adventures and go on exciting journeys with trains or aeroplanes. Along the way, fine motor skills are developed and creativity is encouraged. There is something for every adventurer to discover.   

Bargains can be made all year round. With the Brickfact price comparison, you can buy your Lego Duplo set at the best price and never miss a deal again thanks to the Brickfact app.