Lego® Architecture Price Comparison

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London, New York or Singapore - the Lego® Architecture theme world brings the most popular skylines and landmarks to your home! Whether super-modern skyscrapers or millennia-old landmarks: Every architecture fan will get their money's worth here. Sophisticated and fascinating building methods provide pure building fun and fascination. With Brickfact price comparison you are guaranteed to buy your Lego® Architecture set at the best price and can choose from a wide range of suppliers.
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Iconic skylines or landmarks as miniatures to marvel at and assemble yourself? That's exactly what the Lego® Architecture theme world offers you! The detailed Lego® Architecture sets are extremely popular with adults. Not only Lego® fans are happy about their favourite skyline, but also all those who remember past holidays or want to bring their dream cities home.    

The selection of Lego® Architecture sets is huge - you can choose from numerous skylines and landmarks. Thanks to the great variety, you can find the right Lego® set for every occasion. No matter what your budget is. With the help of the Brickfact price comparison you can buy your Lego® Architecture set at the best price and choose from a whole list of suppliers. Brickfact's filter options allow you to filter for sets that fit your budget. Lego® Architecture themed sets are often discounted by over 30%, making them real bargains!

Bring the world's most famous skylines and landmarks into your home with Lego® Architecture. 

Lego® Architecture Skylines 

Lego® Architecture Skylines inspire everyone who is interested in architecture, design, history, culture and travel. True to detail and scale, they transport us to faraway places and provide pure nostalgia. The skylines are made up of the most popular sights of a metropolis. The selection of corresponding sets is huge and new ones are constantly being added. In the Brickfact price comparison you can buy your favourite skyline at the best price and choose from a wide range of suppliers. Discounts of up to 45% are not uncommon.  

New York City - one of the most famous cities in the world. Besides the majestic Statue of Liberty, there is also the new One World Trade Center to marvel at. The Brickfact app notifies you via push notification when a new deal is available. You're guaranteed to get the Lego® Architecture 21028 New York City at a bargain price with this offer.  

Go for a swim in the infamous infinity pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? This is exactly what you can do with the Lego® Architecture 21057 Singapore set! In the Brickfact price comparison you can buy the Southeast Asian metropolis for just under 40€.

Lego® Architecture Sights

A piece of history for your home: With sights from the Lego® Architecture themed series, you can embark on a journey to the most beautiful places in the world! The Brickfact price comparison helps you find the right landmark that suits your budget. With a wide range of choices, you'll always find a deal that suits you. 

The Lego® Architecture 21054 The White House - Not only a global centre of power, but also one of the most famous landmarks in the USA. The Brickfact app provides push notifications on demand when Lego® Architecture sets are available at bargain prices. 30% discount are inside for White House offers. 

Lego fans can experience centuries of Indian history with the Lego® Architecture 21056 Taj Mahal. This set impresses above all with its attention to detail and will attract countless admiring glances. Best of all, it's big and cheap at the same time! You can find the best deals in the Brickfact price comparison. Here you can choose the best price from a whole list of suppliers.

Lego® Architecture Offers

The Lego® Architecture theme world is a joy for architecture enthusiasts, travellers and adult builders. With Lego® Architecture, the world's most popular skylines and landmarks come to your home. In addition to the architecture-themed world, you're sure to enjoy the Lego® houses, from which you can choose over 20 sets. Whether centuries-old buildings or modern metropolises - there is something for everyone! 

Are you an avid fan of Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry potter? These are among the top most expensive Lego® sets you want to add to your collection. Bargains can be made all year round. With the Brickfact price comparison, you can buy your Lego® Architecture set at the lowest price. If you wish, the Brickfact app will notify you about offers.