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Snow-covered roofs, festive lighting and cheerful minifigures who are looking forward to Christmas: The Lego® Winter Village Collection offers you all this and much more. With the houses of the Lego Winter Village Collection, you can combine the most wonderful time of the year with lots of building fun. The Christmas-themed sets are an alternative to conventional Christmas decorations and are primarily suitable for adult fans of building bricks. Since 2009, a new, unusual set from the Winter Village Collection has been released punctually every October. With the sets, it is possible to design your own individual Christmas village and add another highlight to it every year. The kits are ideal for giving as gifts.
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Lego® Winter Village Sets

The selection of Lego® Winter Village sets is considerable and every year a new one is added. With the sets, an individual winter city can be put together. As a highlight, the sets include many Christmas elements. These include, for example, festively dressed minifigures, white roofs, Santa Claus figures, fir trees or Christmas decorations. A variety of minifigures bring the wintry sets to life. Furthermore, it is possible to reenact creative Christmas stories with them. Transform your home into a winter paradise with Lego Christmas sets.

The 10308 Christmas High Street has 3 highlights at once. A lovingly designed toy store makes children's eyes light up. In a separate music store, the minifigures of your winter city can try out new musical instruments and rehearse Christmas songs. A snow-covered streetcar completes the set. The streetcar can be remotely controlled by an electric motor, which is available separately.

Childhood dreams come true with the Winter Village Set 10293 Santa’s Visit. Who has not dreamed of meeting Santa Claus in person? The house of the kit has a chimney through which the Lego® Santa Claus can climb into the house. In the festively decorated house is also a Christmas tree, under which the gifts can be placed.

Lego® Winter Village Collection FAQ

Want to know when the Lego® Winter Village Collection sets will be released? Below we answer the most important questions about the winter Lego sets.

When will the Lego® Winter Village Collection sets be released?

Every year in October, we can look forward to a new set from the Lego® Winter Village Collection. As a rule, the kits remain on the market for 2 years, with Lego being the exclusive distributor in the first year. Only in the following year do they enter the retail market and can be purchased from exclusive partners such as Amazon. 

In the first year, no discounts are to be expected from Lego itself. However, those who wait a year can look forward to discounts of up to 30% in relation to the RRP.

How many Winter Village sets are there?

In total, 14 sets belong to the Lego® Winter Village Collection. Each of the sets is unique and features highlights such as festively dressed minifigures, white roofs or Santa Claus figures.

Lego® Winter Village Sets buy cheap?

In general, it is recommended to wait 1 year after release to purchase the new Lego® Winter Village Collection sets. After this time, the winter building sets enter the retail market and can be bought cheaply with discounts. 

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