Lego® Technic 42127 THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™

The Lego set THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™ with the Lego number 42127 is part of the LEGO Technic theme and is recommended for ages 10+. The set was released in December of 2022. The model consists of a total of 1360 parts and we estimate it takes you around 3 - 4 hours to build it.
The set weighs around 1.740 kg in total. The recommended retail price is £89.99.
Our Brickfact Lego price comparison compares prices from 1 shop for this set. Currently has the lowest price at £77.55. This corresponds to a per piece price of £0.06. With this offer, you save £12.44 off the suggested retail price and get the set at a 14% discount.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about £103.33. You save around £25.78 if you buy this set directly at instead of purchasing the bricks on Therefore, the current best offer has a POV rate of 1.33. The POV Rate is the ratio of Part-Out-Value to the current best price on

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Set Information

Set ID
Building Time
3 - 4 hours
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Retired (12/2023)

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1.740 kg

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Official Set Description for LEGO 42127 THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™

Super-hero fans will enjoy a thrilling challenge as they build the iconic BATMOBILE™ car in LEGO® Technic™ form. Inspired by the latest version of the BATMOBILE from the 2022 THE BATMAN movie, this highly detailed toy car building set features a true-to-life design and is packed with hot features. 

Light up the night
The model includes 2 light bricks – 1 red and 1 yellow. The red light adds an awesome glow to the transparent toy engine at the back, while the yellow brick lights up the front grille. Other cool features include steering on the front wheels, differential on the rear wheels, a spinning flame, plus opening doors and bonnet. Kids will love exploring the model before placing it on display in tribute to their favourite super hero.

A great introduction to engineering
LEGO Technic building sets feature realistic movement and mechanisms that let builders of all ages explore the universe of engineering in an approachable and realistic way.

  • Build the BATMOBILE™ – Recreate all the details of the iconic super-hero car with this awesome LEGO® Technic™ THE BATMAN – BATMOBILE 42127 toy set for kids and adults
  • As seen in THE BATMAN movie – This authentic model is a true-to-life LEGO® Technic™ replica version of the BATMOBILE™ as seen in the 2022 movie
  • See the car light up – Includes 2 light bricks to bring the BATMOBILE™ to life. The red light adds a glow to the transparent engine, while the yellow brick lights up the front grille
  • Packed with functions – Cool features include front steering, differential on rear wheels, moving pistons, spinning flame, plus opening doors and hood
  • Ideal for ages 10+ – Kids and adults who love super-hero vehicles will love building this tribute to their favourite super-hero car. It’s perfect if you’re looking for the best gifts for Batman fans
  • Made for display – Enjoy exploring all the functions packed into this hot toy then place on display to admire its authentic looks
  • Perfect proportions – Measures 4 in. (11 cm) high, including steering wheel and top flame; 17 in. (45 cm) long, including rear flame; and 6 in. (17 cm) wide
  • A rewarding build – The LEGO® Technic™ universe offers advanced buildable models for LEGO fans who are ready for their next building challenge
  • Quality comes first – LEGO® Technic™ components meet rigorous industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect reliably every time
  • Ensuring safety – LEGO® Technic™ components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analysed to make sure they meet strict global safety standards

Building Instruction for LEGO 42127 THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™

LEGO 42127 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LEGO Technic Super-hero set based on?
The LEGO Technic Super-hero set is based on the iconic BATMOBILE™ car seen in the 2022 movie, THE BATMAN.
What are the special features of the LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set?
The LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set includes 2 light bricks, one red and one yellow, which light up the transparent engine and front grille respectively. It also features front wheel steering, a rear wheel differential, moving pistons, a spinning flame, and opening doors and hood.
What age is the LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set suitable for?
The LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set is ideal for kids and adults aged 10 and above who are fans of super-hero vehicles and enjoy building with LEGO sets.
Can the completed LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set be displayed?
Yes, once built, the LEGO Technic BATMOBILE™ set can be placed on display due to its authentic looks and attention to detail.
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