Lego® Super Mario™ 71411 The Mighty Bowser™

Description for Lego The Mighty Bowser™ 71411

The Lego set The Mighty Bowser™ with the Lego number 71411 is part of the Lego Super Mario™ theme and is recommended for ages 18+. Thus, the set is suitable especially for adults. The set was released in October of 2022. The model consists of a total of 2807 parts and we estimate it takes you around 6 - 8 hours to build it. The set was designed by Carl Merriam.
The set weighs around 3.874 kg in total. Its dimensions are 22.9 x 18.9 x 4.9 inch( 22.9 x 18.9 x 4.9 cm). The recommended retail price is £229.99.
Our Brickfact Lego price comparison compares prices from 5 shops for this set. Currently has the lowest price at £170.08. This corresponds to a per piece price of £0.06. With this offer, you save £59.91 off the suggested retail price and get the set at a 26% discount.
You will also receive 1840 VIP points if you decide to buy the set from the official Lego store. You can exchange them for discount coupons for future purchases.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about £387.03. You save around £216.95 if you buy this set directly at instead of purchasing the bricks on Therefore, the current best offer has a POV rate of 2.28. The POV Rate is the ratio of Part-Out-Value to the current best price on

Set Information

Set ID
Carl Merriam
Building Time
6 - 8 hours
Age Range


3.874 kg
Packaging dimensions
22.9 x 18.9 x 4.9 in


Retiring Status
Middle of Life (12/2024)

Price Comparison

VIP Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value

Lego 71411 price trend


Official Set Description (The Mighty Bowser™ 71411)

Lego Building Instruction for The Mighty Bowser™ (71411)

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