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Lego® Disney™ 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace

The Lego set Jasmine's Exotic Palace with the Lego number 41061 is part of the LEGO Disney™ theme and is recommended for ages 5 - 12. The set was released in January of 2015. It contains 1 minifigures. The model consists of a total of 143 parts and we estimate it takes you around < 1 hour to build it.
The set weighs around 0.250 kg in total. Its dimensions are 8.1 x 7.5 x 1.8 inch( 20.5 x 19.1 x 4.6 cm). The recommended retail price is £19.99.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on bricklink.com for this set. It is about £22.20.

Lego 41061 product data

Set Information

Set ID
Building Time
< 1 hour
Age Range
5 - 12


Retiring Status
Retired (12/2016)

Price Information

Insiders Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value


0.250 kg
Packaging dimensions
8.1 x 7.5 x 1.8 in

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Minifigures from 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace

The Jasmine's Exotic Palace set includes 1 different minifigures, 1 of which are unique to this set. The combined value of the minifigures is £4.83, which is ~24% of the RRP of this set.
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# dp012

Official Set Description for LEGO 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace

Welcome to Agrabah, a land of mystery and enchantment, home of Princess Jasmine. Play with the princess and her pet tiger Rajah in the palace courtyard! What will they decide to do today? Perhaps they will lounge by the fountain or go on a thrilling magic carpet ride, high above the rolling dunes of the kingdom. They could pay a visit to the bustling marketplace to see the snake charmer in action. Then Rajah might get his paws on the magic lamp and wish for an afternoon spent munching on drumsticks, followed by a catnap in the shade of a towering palm tree. It’s all up to you! Have fun building the palace and play as you go! Includes Princess Jasmine mini-doll figure and Rajah the tiger.

  • Includes Princess Jasmine mini-doll figure and Rajah the tiger
  • Features a palace with magic carpet, fountain, palm tree and a market stall
  • Accessories include a magic lamp, glittery trinkets, stool, drumstick for Rajah, snake, basket and a flute
  • Visit the bustling marketplace with Jasmine and watch a snake charmer
  • Feed Rajah a snack by the dancing fountain
  • Soar high in the air on a magic carpet ride
  • Follow the movie story or create your own adventures inspired by this popularDisney Princess™ and her tiger friend
  • Palace measures over 3” (10cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep
  • Market stall measures over 2” (6cm) high, 1” (3cm) wide and under 1” (2cm) deep
  • Magic carpet measures over 2” (6cm) long, 1” (3cm) wide and under 1” (1cm) high

Building Instruction for LEGO 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace

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