LEGO® Motorisierter Leuchtturm Review (21335)

🗓 Fri, 22 Sep 2023

Today we would like to share a detailed look at the fascinating LEGO® Ideas Motorized Lighthouse Set 21335.

Emphasis on the beauty and detail of the set

LEGO Lighttower 21335

From the first sight of the set, it is clear that attention to detail and dedication were at work here. The packaging is attractively designed and promises an exciting building project. But the best part comes when you open the lid of the box and hold the 13 different building phases and two building instructions in your hands.

Mention of LEGO's focus on display-friendly sets

LEGO® has recently increased its focus on sets that are not only fun to build but can also serve as impressive displays in the home. The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse Set 21335 is a prime example of this philosophy. It was created to shine not only in the LEGO city layout, but also as a stand-alone showpiece.

Set Details

Number of parts and included elements

Let's dive right into the details of this set. LEGO® 21335 includes a total of 2065 parts. This variety of building blocks allows you to create an extremely realistic and detailed model. You'll find that the part selection is well thought out and includes a wealth of elements specifically designed for the lighthouse and its surroundings.

Availability and price

This set is available exclusively from the LEGO Online Shop and select LEGO stores. In terms of price, it may seem a bit higher at first glance, but keep in mind that it contains not only a plethora of pieces, but also a sophisticated electronics component that is at the heart of the lighthouse.

Size of the lighthouse and comparison to other LEGO sets.

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is not a miniature. With its imposing size, it is a real eye-catcher. To give you an idea of its dimension: It stretches over several floors and reaches a considerable height. Compared to other LEGO sets from the Ideas series, this lighthouse definitely stands out and will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any LEGO collection.Aufbau des Leuchtturms

Construction phases and instructions

A total of 13 different construction phases are provided, dividing the build project into manageable steps. This allows you to enjoy the build step-by-step and ensure that each construction area is carefully designed. The detailed instructions included in the set are easy to understand and feature high-quality images. Not only do they provide clear instructions, but they also contain interesting information about lighthouses and the Fresnel lens, which plays a crucial role in the set.

New baseplate color

LEGO Lighthouse Baseplate

One of the features of this set is the introduction of a new baseplate color. The 32x32 baseplate in dark blue is an exclusive element of this set and gives the lighthouse a striking presence. This baseplate is ideal for creating water scenarios in your LEGO® layout and adds a refreshing atmosphere to your environment.

The basis of the lighthouse

Construction begins with the creation of the foundation of the lighthouse, which consists of a variety of stones and special elements. Here, the cleverly designed rocks catch the eye. The use of different types of stones, including inclined stones, cheese corners and angular parts in different colors such as light gray, dark beige and sand green, creates realistic rock structures. Of particular note are the sandy green bamboo elements that add a pleasant color variation. Dark green leaves entwine along the lighthouse and give it a natural, lively look.

Electronics and battery box

The electronic components of the set are cleverly hidden inside the lighthouse. The battery box, which is used to power the light and rotating mechanisms, is easily accessible. Once the batteries are exhausted, it's easy to replace them. A small screwdriver is all that is needed to open the battery box and insert six additional AA batteries. Replacing the batteries does not require taking the lighthouse apart, which makes maintenance especially convenient.

The switch mechanism and the secrets of the lighthouse

A hidden switch mechanism inside the lighthouse activates the functions. This mechanism is cleverly hidden in a cave and controls the lighting and rotation of the lighthouse. The environment of this mechanism is decorated with lovely details, including a bat and a treasure chest with sparkling gems in different colors. Some builders' criticism of the rectangular rock stones is mitigated by the ability to integrate them harmoniously into the overall picture. The cave itself is designed with an arched entrance, cleverly composed of various building blocks.

Water details and realistic elements

LEGO Lighthouse Water

The lighthouse rests on a dark blue baseplate and is surrounded by transparent elements that give the impression of water. This adds to the overall effect and gives the model an authentic maritime touch. The set also includes numerous details such as a seagull, a boat anchor, a fish in a bucket and a magnificent stone staircase leading to the lighthouse. The staircase is a masterpiece of design and combines profiled elements, smooth tiles and studs to create a realistic texture and look.

Invitation to the lighthouse keeper's cottage

LEGO Lighthouse House

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage is a charming building that stands out in its simplicity. The use of uniform 1x1 tiles and 1x2 ingots in Tan can be challenging to align perfectly, but they add an interesting texture to the building. The carefully designed roof in dark red perfectly complements the image and adds to the overall aesthetic of the cottage.

The back of the building shows wiring that leads the electronic components inside the lighthouse. Here the fireplace is illuminated, creating a cozy atmosphere. A chimney on the outside of the building completes the picture. The set also includes many small details such as a desk with a map, a clock, utensils and a tea kettle.

The lighthouse keeper's cottage also holds a special surprise - a picture of the set designer Sandro and his family, which is a 2x3 printed tile above the bed. This personal touch gives the set a unique, heartfelt feel.

The cabin of the lighthouse

LEGO Lighthouse Cabin

The cabin of the lighthouse is another highlight of this set. Although it is quite compact, it is full of loving details. The interior contains a desk with a detailed map, an antique chronometer and a tea kettle - everything a lighthouse keeper needs. The fireplace in the corner gives the room a warm atmosphere and is illuminated, adding to the ambiance. Above the bed hangs the special highlight - a 2x3 printed tile with a picture of set designer Sandro and his family. This personal touch adds a warm touch to the set and brings the room to life.

The tower of the lighthouse

LEGO Lighthouse Tower

The lighthouse itself impresses with its authentic design. It tapers upwards and is equipped with numerous windows that are elegantly framed by special wheelhouse elements. This gives the lighthouse a realistic and charming aesthetic. The surface of the tower is rich in texture, from knobs to smooth surfaces, which adds depth to the model. There are also a number of slide elements that decorate the exterior of the tower.

The function of the lighthouse

The real highlight of this set is the function of the lighthouse. The tower can rotate, which not only looks realistic, but is also an impressive visual element in any LEGO® scene. The tower's rotation is powered by a Technic axle and gear mechanism that is cleverly hidden inside the lighthouse. In addition, the lighthouse is equipped with a lighting function that makes it shine in the dark. The lighting is provided by an innovative lens developed in collaboration with LEGO, which gives the lighthouse an authentic, magical glow.

Minifigures and additional details

LEGO Lighthouse Minifigures

The set includes not only the lighthouse, but also minifigures and additional details that enrich the scenario. The lighthouse keeper is a charming minifigure, which is equipped with a matching outfit and cap. He is the protector of the lighthouse and ensures the safety of the sailors. He is accompanied by his faithful cat, which roams the grounds of the lighthouse.

Conclusion about the LEGO® Lighthouse

The LEGO® Ideas Motorized Lighthouse Set (21335) is a masterpiece of LEGO architecture and offers a wealth of exciting elements for LEGO enthusiasts. The beauty and detail of the lighthouse are remarkable. The set perfectly captures the authentic atmosphere of a lighthouse and features a variety of realistic details that make it a real eye-catcher. From the lovingly crafted cabin of the lighthouse keeper to the tower itself, every element of the set is designed with great care.

The rotating and lighting function of the lighthouse are well implemented and add an extra dimension to the set. The innovative lens used for lighting gives the lighthouse a magical glow in the dark.

The set also includes a charming minifigure of the lighthouse keeper and his faithful cat, which bring the scenario to life. The included additional details, such as the boat dock and the treasures in the cave, add to the versatility of the set.

Overall, the set exceeded our expectations. With the features and attention to detail, it is a remarkable addition to any LEGO collection and will take pride of place in any LEGO town.

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