LEGO® Looping Roller Coaster Review (10303)

🗓 Wed, 20 Sep 2023

In 2018, LEGO® launched the first large motorized roller coaster. But one thing was missing for many fans: a loop. In 2022, LEGO responded by releasing the LEGO Looping Roller Coaster 10303 with a new design. Priced at 400 dollars and with a total of 3756 individual parts, it has been available exclusively from LEGO since July 1, 2022. That's 368 fewer parts and 70 dollars more than the previous version. But what more can this new roller coaster do? We take a closer look at the set.

The Unboxing Experience

When you open the box, 15 building sections and additional bags with the rails await you. Especially noticeable is the new color of the rails, Bright Light Orange. This could be a disadvantage, because they can not be combined with the rails of the previous roller coaster. A highlight are the new half-green looping rails, which allow to build two loops that actually work. There are 44 track elements in total, divided into ten different modules, as well as a sticker sheet, which is a bit disappointing at this price. The LEGO® Looping Roller Coaster 10303 building instructions are a comprehensive document that is the centerpiece of this impressive set. The booklet is thick and comes in a specially designed paper sleeve, which makes a special impression right from the start of the building adventure.

LEGO Roller Coaster 10303 Schienen

The structure of the looping roller coaster

The construction of the roller coaster is very satisfying on the one hand, but also involves a lot of repetition, such as putting together almost 250 chain links. Building the large tower also requires patience, as there are many duplications. In the end, however, you'll have an impressive model in front of you that is 92 cm high and 85 cm wide. So you should have enough space at home to present this monster made of LEGO®.

LEGO Roller Coaster 10303

The mini figures of the looping roller coaster

The set contains a total of eleven minifigures, which are rather plainly designed. Highlights include the screaming faces of the roller coaster visitors and the hearing aid of a LEGO® Store employee. There is also a pretzel vendor, a balloon vendor, and the hot dog stand owner. Unfortunately, many details, such as the entrance and the looping balloon, are implemented as stickers, which is a bit of a shame. Still, there is a cool overview map of the Fairground Collection that shows other sets.

Lego Roller Coaster Minifigures

The way it works: LEGO impresses

While the roller coaster is impressive, it does offer some limitations. There is only one car that can run on the track at a time, unlike the previous version. The launch is done by raising the lift while a counterweight is lowered on the other side. This causes the lift to slide down smoothly as the car goes up. Once at the top, the ride rapidly loops and then continues to the next turn before reaching the station. The entire system is well thought out and works smoothly, although minor problems can occasionally occur.

Motorization options

The roller coaster can be motorized, either with the recommended LEGO® components or the old LEGO Power Functions range. However, it is disappointing that the recommended components are often sold out and incur additional costs. The motorization allows you to set the looping roller coaster in motion, have the roller coaster cars move along the loop and track, and see all the mechanics of the set in action. It's fascinating to watch the model move and function automatically, especially when you consider that everything is controlled by a single crank.

Lego Roller Coaster Construction

The design and the price-performance ratio

The design of the roller coaster is impressive, especially the color combination of Bright Light Orange and Dark Blue, which looks better in person than expected. But is the LEGO® Looping Roller Coaster 10303 worth its 400 dollars? Compared to the previous version with more parts and a lower price, one might be skeptical. Whether the price-performance ratio is appropriate depends heavily on individual expectations and interests. For collectors of LEGO Creator Expert sets and fans of theme park themes, this model could be a real gem. The impressive size, mechanics and attention to detail justify the price from this perspective.

Conclusion about the LEGO looping roller coaster

LEGO® Looping Rollercoaster 10303 is undoubtedly an imposing model with an impressive mechanism. For fans of roller coasters and LEGO, it offers hours of building fun and play. Still, the high price and limitations on the number of cars might deter some potential buyers. However, if you have the space and the budget, this set could be a great addition to your LEGO collection.

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