LEGO® Lion Knights' Castle Review (10305)

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In this article, we dive deep into the epic LEGO® 10305 Lion Knights' Castle. With its 4,514 pieces and 22 minifigures, this castle is a truly monumental structure that brings to life the intricacies of medieval architecture and the adventures of the age of chivalry. We will take a comprehensive look at the packaging, construction techniques, details of the castle and the adorable minifigures. In addition, we will compare the Lion Knights' Castle with its historical predecessor and conclude with who this LEGO set is suitable for and what alternatives are available.

Packaging and presentation

The LEGO® Lion Knights' Castle packaging is an impressive work of art in its own right. The images and design on the packaging are vibrant and appealing to build buyer anticipation. The packaging shows the imposing Castle set in its full glory and makes it clear that this is something special.

LEGO Lion Knights Castle Packaging 10305

LEGO 90th anniversary

Especially noteworthy is the importance of this set for the 90th anniversary of Lego. This Castle set was designed not only to delight fans of Lego castles, but also to celebrate Lego's long and proud history. It pays homage to the origins of Lego and recalls the early LEGO Castle sets that captured the imagination of children around the world.

The building instructions

The building instructions that come with this set are extensive and detailed. They enable the master builders to erect the imposing castle step by step. In addition, the set also contains a wealth of information about the history of Lego castles, which will fascinate both young and adult fans alike.

Special construction techniques and details

LEGO Lions Knight Castle Front

The Lego Lion Knights' Castle impresses not only with its imposing appearance, but also with its special building techniques and lovingly designed details. When assembling the castle, Lego enthusiasts will encounter a variety of building techniques that are both challenging and educational.

SNOT techniques at the Lion knights' Castle

One particularly impressive detail is the use of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques to create realistic embrasures and windows in the castle. This technique allows building blocks to be placed in unconventional ways to create realistic structures.

Attention to detail

The attention to detail is also evident in the interiors of the castle. Each room is designed with care and contains charming details such as a small kitchen with a cozy fireplace, a bedroom with a magnificent bed and even a secret chamber. The use of colors and decorative elements gives each room a unique atmosphere and brings the castle to life.

Another remarkable feature is the movable mechanism in the castle. From the descending gate to the rotating water mill, there are many interactive elements that increase the fun of the game and stimulate the imagination of the builders.

The castle: a look at the details

LEGO Lions Knight Castle Details

Let's take a closer look at the fascinating details of LEGO® Lion Knights Castle that make this set a true masterpiece. Let's start with the exterior design of the castle. Even from the outside, the exquisite use of building techniques is striking. The sloping approach to the castle's drawbridge and gate gives the building a majestic presence. Both the drawbridge and the gate can be opened and closed, allowing for an interactive gaming experience.

The castle is surrounded by impressive rock work, which is seamlessly integrated into the walls. On this rockwork are placed lush green elements, including trees, flowers and bushes that create a picturesque environment. Of particular note is the magnificent large tree that adorns the backdrop.

The front

The front of the castle impresses with a double archway that creates a majestic entrance. Above this archway are placed two shield elements that give the building a noble touch. There are intricately designed decorations all over the castle, including profile masonry stones and the main colors, which are light and dark gray.

Of particular note are the slotted windows, created using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques, which create a fantastic architectural structure. On the roof of the castle there are two places where archers can be posted, and a fabric flag reminiscent of the original sets. The device for raising and lowering the front gate is another impressive detail that gives the set an additional play option.

The back

If we look at the back of the castle, we come across a second entrance possibility with a movable gate. Here we also find a tower with a hay roof construction and a water mill wheel connected to an element inside the castle.

All in all, Lego Lion Knights Castle impresses with the attention to detail and masterful building techniques that go into its design. Each area of the castle is designed with thought and precision, and the use of realistic colors and architectural elements gives the set a timeless elegance. It's a true masterpiece of Lego building art that will capture the imagination and delight any builder.

The city: a look at civil life

LEGO Lions Knight Castle 10305 The City

In addition to the imposing castle, LEGO® Lion Knights' Castle also offers glimpses of civilian life in the town that inhabits this majestic fortress. The included minifigures and models provide a vivid picture of everyday medieval life and fit seamlessly into the castle environment.

The accessories of the set

The figures are equipped with various accessories, including tools, food and even a small toy that reflects the simple and authentic life in the medieval context.

In addition, we must not forget about the animal inhabitants of the city, including oxen, sheep and horses. These animals give the city a lively atmosphere and make it look even more realistic.

A rich city life

In addition to the variety of figures, there are also many models that enrich the city life. A cart loaded with hay and a bird gives the city a rural feel. A market stall offers a variety of products, including baguettes and vegetables. All these elements help to present the city in its full glory and invite you to relive civil life in a medieval context.

The minifigures

The minifigures in the LEGO® Lion Knights Castle set are undoubtedly one of the standout components of this impressive kit. With a total of 22 minifigures, including knights, knightesses, peasants and even a powerful wizard, this set offers a wide range of characters that bring medieval life to life.

The Lion Knights

LEGO Lions Knights

The lion knights, led by their majestic queen, are richly detailed and proudly wear their armor and helmets. Each figure has its own personality and expressiveness, from combative looks to friendly smiles. Especially noteworthy is the diversity of the knights and knightesses, some of which even have two different facial expressions to represent different moods.

The Black Hawk Knights

LEGO Falcon Knights

The Black Falcon Knights, rivals of the Lion Knights, are also impressive figures. With their black helmets and gold accents, they add an exciting dimension to the set. The minifigures are equipped with a variety of weapons, including swords, shields, bows and arrows that allow them to prepare for epic battles.

The peasant families

But not only warriors are present in this medieval world. The peasant families, complete with tools and food, give an authentic feel for everyday life in the city. Even the powerful wizard, with his imposing beard and wand, adds a mystical touch.

Comparison with the original version

The LEGO® Lion Knights' Castle set is an impressive homage to the classic Lego knight sets released in the 1980s. It is especially reminiscent of the legendary "Yellow Castle," which many Lego fans remember from their childhood. Comparison with the original version is therefore inevitable and shows how far Lego has come in terms of design, part details and building techniques.

While the "Yellow Castle" was undoubtedly innovative and impressive in its day, the Lion Knights Castle set sets new standards in terms of detail and realism. The minifigures today are much more varied and detailed, leading to a wider range of stories and role-playing.

Construction techniques are more advanced

The construction techniques and parts variety are also much more advanced in the modern version of the castle. The use of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques allows creating more realistic building structures, while the many different elements and colors offer an impressive variety.

Moving parts and game mechanisms

Another difference is that unlike the "Yellow Castle", the Lion Knights Castle set has many moving parts and play mechanisms. From the hinged gates and portcullis to secret rooms and movable mills, this set shows how Lego has perfected its craft in terms of play functionality.

Conclusion about the Lion Knights' Castle

LEGO Lions Knight Castle Scenery

The LEGO® Lion Knights' Castle (Set 10305) is undoubtedly a masterpiece of construction and a tribute to the rich history of Lego knight sets. With its 4,514 pieces and 22 minifigures, this set offers hours of building and playing fun for Lego enthusiasts of all ages. The attention to detail put into this set is remarkable. From the intricate building techniques to the wide variety of play options, the Lion Knights' Castle offers an all-around impressive experience.

Overall impressions of the set are extremely positive. The architecture of the castle, the realistic details of the minifigures and the many moving parts give the set a special fascination. It is a pleasure to bring the world of knights and castles to life, both during assembly and during play.

For whom is the Lego Lion Knights' Castle 10305 suitable?

This set is designed for Lego fans who have a passion for historical themes and knight play. It's a great choice for adult builders looking for a sophisticated challenge, and at the same time a fantastic toy for kids who want to let their imagination run wild.

In terms of budget considerations, the Lion Knights' Castle is certainly a bigger investment. The high number of parts and exclusive minifigures are reflected in the price. However, it is important to keep in mind that this set is a collector's item and offers an outstanding building and playing experience that justifies the price.

For those looking for alternatives, Lego offers a number of other castle and knight sets in various price ranges. These sets can be a great way to immerse yourself in the world of knights without breaking the budget.

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