LEGO® Explorer Spaceship Review (10497)

🗓 Wed, 20 Sep 2023

Welcome to our review of the LEGO® Explorer Spaceship, Set 10497. Celebrating LEGO's 90th anniversary, this remarkable set pays homage to the legendary 1979 spaceship. Set is a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic 1979 set number 497, and although it looks different on the outside, it retains the charm and essence of the original. In this LEGO review, we will highlight both the changes and the faithfulness to the original version.

Price and packing

LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497 Packaging

This set with its 1254 parts is available at an MSRP of $99.99. A reasonable offer considering what it has to offer. The packaging of the set is another eye-catcher, as it picks up on the nostalgic LEGO® design of the classic sets from the early days. It pays homage to the classic LEGO boxes and deliberately avoids the ubiquitous "18+" design in black. This decision underscores the nostalgic character of the set and makes the hearts of LEGO fans beat faster. Upon opening the box, we are in for a pleasant surprise. In addition to the expected bricks, there is a small addition in the form of a classic LEGO catalog. However, it's about time LEGO switched to more environmentally friendly packaging instead of just announcing it. The set's building instructions are clearly laid out and provide a clear understanding of the building process. The printed tiles and stickers are particularly impressive and give the spaceship an authentic look.


LEGO Galaxy Explorer Minifigures

The LEGO® Explorer spaceship comes with a total of four minifigures. Two of them are the classic white spacemen, and the other two are dressed in red. In addition, we get a small robot that seems to take care of the coffee deliveries.

Comparison with the original figures from 1978

These minifigures are a faithful replica of the original figures from 1978. The only differences are the improved print quality of the spaceship logo and the presence of a spacesuit. This gives the figures a modern touch while ensuring that they remain true to nostalgia.

Special features of the minifigures

The minifigures are authentic and fit perfectly with the classic space theme. They are equipped with helmets and backpacks, which adds a realistic touch. However, it would have been nice if LEGO® had offered different color variants of the minifigures.

Ancillary structures

In addition to the main model, the set includes several small secondary structures, including a robot that serves coffee and an off-road vehicle.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Roboter

These additional models provide extra fun to play with and are a nice addition to the main model. The off-road vehicle has a steerable front axle and a good rolling function, which makes it a fun companion for the minifigures. The robot adds a humorous touch and fits well with the spaceship setting.

The main model - The explorer spaceship

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Spaceship

The centerpiece of this set is undoubtedly the explorer spaceship itself. The exterior design pays homage to the 1979 original, but with modern building techniques and improvements. The combination of smooth surfaces and retro elements gives the spaceship a timeless elegance.

Landing gear and its features

The landing gear is carefully designed and provides a stable stand for the spaceship. It is noticeable that the front and rear supports are slightly tilted forward and backward, respectively, which adds a dynamic touch to the design.

Functions and playability of the spaceship

The explorer spaceship offers numerous play possibilities. The rooms inside are easily accessible and offer space for all four minifigures. The cockpit areas and the sleeping quarters are lovingly designed and invite you to play and discover.

Creative elements and surprising details

A highlight of this set is the creative building techniques and surprising details. Particularly impressive is the way the set hides some of its building elements while providing an aesthetically pleasing surface.

Cockpit and crew quarters

The cockpit of the spaceship is another highlight. It offers space for a minifigure and has a detailed control panel. The printed tiles and stickers add to the authenticity.

Presentation of the team quarters

The crew quarters are thoughtfully designed to provide a cozy place for LEGO® Minifigures to rest. The interior is lined in white, which creates a strong visual contrast and makes the interior stand out.

Accessibility and use of the quarters

Accessibility to the quarters is easy and allows the minifigures to be placed inside effortlessly. The idea of not having to remove the figures' air tanks is practical and shows the attention to detail on the part of the design team.

Weapons and defense

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Weapons

The LEGO® Explorer Starship, set 10497, features subtle but effective weapons and defense systems. Although it is an explorer ship, the design also has crew safety in mind. The side laser blasters and rotating gun turrets are cleverly integrated into the outer hull. These small details not only add a realistic touch to the spaceship, but also provide play opportunities for action-packed LEGO adventures in space. The defense elements are designed to not be overly dominant and preserve the aesthetics of the spaceship. Overall, these weapons and defense systems fit seamlessly into the LEGO universe and expand the possibilities for creative stories and scenarios.

Nostalgia value and target group

LEGO Space 497 Set

This set will not only delight those who grew up with LEGO® in the 70s, but will also appeal to a new generation of LEGO fans. The LEGO explorer spaceship, set 10497, is a real treasure for LEGO fans of all ages. The nostalgia value of this set cannot be underestimated, as it speaks to the hearts of those who grew up with the classic LEGO space sets of the late 70s and 80s. It's a loving tribute to that era, both in terms of design and the choice of minifigures and imprints. For adult LEGO enthusiasts, it brings back memories of their childhood and lets them return to the world of their dreams.

Overall impression and evaluation of the set

This set fits seamlessly into the LEGO® universe and expands the possibilities for creative adventures. It can be used both as a stand-alone spaceship for space missions and as part of a larger LEGO scene. Overall, the LEGO Explorer Spaceship, set 10497, is an impressive homage to the 1979 original, successfully combining nostalgia with modernity and offering a wealth of creative possibilities. The quality of the minifigures, the building instructions and the play features are top-notch. The LEGO explorer spaceship, set 10497, is a successful reinterpretation of a classic LEGO set. It impresses with its nostalgic design, high-quality minifigures and creative details. LEGO fans of all ages will enjoy exploring and experiencing this set. Thank you for accompanying us on our journey through this extraordinary LEGO set.

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