LEGO® Christmas Decorated Main Street Review (10308)

🗓 Wed, 20 Sep 2023

Today we're going to dive into the world of the LEGO® Creator Expert set "Christmas Decorated Main Street" with set number 10308. This set was released in October 2022 and is part of the coveted LEGO Winter Village themed series. In this article, we will dive deep into the details of this set, including its building elements, minifigures and everything about its details.

Building elements and minifigures

LEGO Holiday Main Street Set 10308

The LEGO® Christmas Decorated Main Street set consists of 1514 pieces and thus provides hours of building and playing fun. It also includes six minifigures that bring the Christmas flair to life. One of the features of the set is the streetcar or cable car (depending on your region and preference) that you can assemble. Note, however, that there are no Power Functions components in the set, but it's designed so you can easily add them. This allows you to make the streetcar run on real tracks and even add lights to enhance the holiday ambiance.

LEGO Holiday Main Street Minifigures 10308

The details

The streetcar has room for four minifigures in the front area and even has seats suitable for installing the Power Functions components. Access to the streetcar is easy, as the roof is not attached with pins or anything, but is just loose. This makes it easy to add the minifigures and do the conversion to Power Functions if you choose to do so.

LEGO Holiday Main Street Tram 10308

The set also includes two Christmas trees of different sizes, which add a festive touch to the winter flair. Note, however, that some of the main decorations are based on stickers, but there are also some building elements that are used for decoration. The buildings in the set are flat, but they are filled with lots of lovely details. From toy stores to music stores to small apartments, these buildings will give your winter village a lively atmosphere.

Motorization options of the Christmas Decorated Main Street

As already mentioned, offers various motorization options to expand the possibilities for play. There are options to motorize the set, for example, to operate the streetcar model remotely. It should be noted that the official recommendations from LEGO® may not always be the most cost-effective choice. In particular, the availability of components such as the hub, train motor, and lights can be a challenge. It is therefore worth exploring alternative options, such as purchasing an additional train set to obtain the needed motorization components. This approach may be more cost effective and provide a better LEGO experience. Alternatively, you can look for individual parts on Bricklink or eBay.

Design and assembly

An interesting feature of the set is the way the streetcar is constructed. It uses a longer wheel base than a standard train, which is necessary to accommodate real track wheels. The ability to add Power Functions to the streetcar is a welcome addition and allows you to have it run realistically through your LEGO® city.

The two buildings in the set have room for minifigures and are well designed, even though they are flat. The attention to detail is evident in the small details such as toys, furniture and decorations in the buildings. A special highlight is the Christmas kitchen in one of the apartments, complete with a gift wish list and a festive table scene.

The big picture

LEGO Holiday Main Street Image 10308

The overall look of the LEGO® Christmas Decorated Main Street set is a successful representation of a wintry village square. Despite the comparatively flat buildings, the set offers a wealth of detail and play opportunities. The minifigures add a charming liveliness. The design of the streetcar even allows for straightforward motorization, making the set even more versatile. The scenery of the wintry village square is not completely covered by snow, but gives the impression of a place that has already thawed a few days after a light to medium snowfall. This gives the set a special atmosphere and makes it a welcome addition to the Winter Village theme series.


In summary, it is a good set for LEGO® fans who want to expand their winter city. With its lovely details, charming minifigures and the possibility to equip it with Power Functions, it offers hours of fun and creativity. If you're looking for a winter building project to spark your LEGO enthusiasm, this set is definitely worth considering.

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