Lego® Houses | All sets at a glance

Lego® Houses are the center of your personal city made of bricks and are available for both small and large builders. There are diverse types of buildings: homes, schools, shopping malls to castles. The building and playing fun starts for children as young as 4 years old with Lego Friends and City houses. For older children from 7 years, Lego Creator houses are suitable. The Lego houses for children can be individually integrated into their own Lego city and include a variety of minifigures to play with. Adults create a detailed miniature city with the Lego Creator Expert houses and bring it to life with minifigures. Modulars (Modular Buildings) are particularly popular with adults. These can be pushed together and are suitable for display and collecting. Herewith we introduce you to the different Lego houses and show for whom they are best suited. In a FAQ we go into the most important questions on the subject.
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